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Decorate your apartment, home, office, schools, kindergartens, interior design your new product - new style decoration Colombia.Un. washable, non-corrosive, in APPLIED IN ALL KINDS OF WALLS. (WITHOUT WALLS Panet). DRY WALL GLASS ETC. A decorative and cost effective alternative time and money. We supply materials and labor.

How Biodeko was born

In 2009 the idea lies in Iran is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of this product but under a different name, decided to bring a product sample and test it in the office, in Iran using similar materials but with high quality colors are and there are super soft texture and different, to see how pretty she looked made the decision to build it ourselves so KHARAGHANI Behzad, HOSSEIN HOSSEINI were already partners and with AMIR KARIMI countryman and colleague of Mr. Kharaghani for 12 years met and took the decision to form a company that manufactures, markets and install this product, ion and had to change the name several times as they wanted the name had to do with the colors and there were already similar names, after performing the Could changes to register with the camera and leaving notary legalized the creation and then proceed to register with the DIAN and create the relevant documents to the tax, in the Ica INVIMA and proceedings were relevant to whether this product was necessary to keep track INVIMA but we have ensured that did not require registration INVIMA, then proceeded to pick the product name, and was conducted with a name brand registration in the superintendence.[Image]

Hussein in Iran and facilitated a video of the machines to begin developing and formulas to produce the product, then proceeded to search for a person that we supply the raw material and on the other side stood the suppliers of inputs, a time with all that is required to produce the product began testing machines and equipment and little by little he discovered what could be done with the material that surfaces could be applied and how it was more easy to make your application.

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The corridors of the storage area with shelves, with boxes in production also to identify for in-process, finished and offices in the area prior to the stowed and packing for delivery to the customer.

Demarcation In the area of warehouse, production and shipments are defined for product storage, processing, finishing and shipping area identified in the respective stowed and marked to customer goes.

The corridors of the storage area for your signage is partly visible area for employees and visitors with ads for understanding production when in-process, final, and each machine to clear notices for staff in offices that evacuation routes have in all areas of elemtos to be used to enter the plants and so on.

Dyes to mix
colors to be classified.

The area where the product was demarcated to avoid risks and montargas or cat has a safe distance.

The area where the product

was identified for easy location and preservation. Glucose, required to establish the product mix.

Does not apply in the company and the product has conservation needs to be kept in indoor.

It is classified as reference and stored in a special area to be chemicals.

In the storage area with shelves are also entire area is enclosed to prevent any accident or contact with forklifts or hidrailicas levers to avoid any accident or damage to the input.

The area where the product was demarcated to avoid risks and montargas or hydraulic flat area which has a distance.


We hope is of total utility, since it is a taste for us visit our page Web, and know but of our company and its logistical and productive components. By means of informative cards PRIZMA, with its Biodeko product, it tries to illustrate and to inform whoever to know its technological and productive conditions. Our productive process contributes to the nature , used for the covering of wall, since it is made up in the natural products that with an interesting process, are introduced in a mill to be able to add other important elements (paper of the additions, of threads of fabric, colouring paper) soon takes the area to determine the weight, is classified by orders, it is codified and it is sent to the final client. Welcome to know the technological, productive and logistical conditions of our organization with its product Biodeko leader. Thanks

  • Description of the áreas: Area of production and logistics In which it shows to each area of the process, Divided in two parts and warehouse of raw materials and finished product. In which the process of the Biodeko product is carried out.
  • IMPORTANT ALTERNATING PROCESS.. Area of packing, in what the product in process is introduced. It must only enter personal of the productive area, with elements of industrial security.Also the area of mixture of material in process is included to obtain the wished product which is realized with rakes.
  • HOPPER TO DISSOLVE THE PRODUCT : Hopper canin x -35 model 2005. Measures 1,15 length, 90 cm wide stainless steel. Hopper to be operated by described personnel. It is located in the area of mixture of material in process. It is used for the mixture of material in process, leaves the mixture area manual in which the additives corresponding to the technical card are added.
  • IT CARRIES BASKET WITH HANDLES : Canin XF - modelo 2008. With measures 1,60 x 1,00 meters. Used to mobilize loads from an area to another one being maintained the elements, raw materials, product in process and finished element. It must be operated by authorized personnel with elements of industrial security, like belt and gloves.
  • CRANE FREIGHT ELEVATOR: Model 425. - FJ year 2000. 2 meters x 1,70 x 1,00 meters. Used vehicle to raise material in the warehouse in the areas and the corresponding shelves on rammers. It must be operated by specialized personnel of the logistical area. It owns two blades which have capacity of 2 tons. It must be in delimited areas since it can appear damages in its maintenance.
  • Truck or van: Model chevrolet 525 year 2001.Motor of 200 horse powers. Vehicle used for the transport of the end item to our clients, warehouses of chain. It must be handled by authorized personnel of the logistics area. Adapted especially so that our product does not undergo alterations in the passage.Network of computer equipment:
The network of computers in our organization, outside replaces the needs and within her. computer systems which integrate the technological infrastructure of the company. Each area counts on reliable equipment of calculation.